Gopher directory


Advanced Guttering & Roofing Systems Ltd

“Since the package started, more or less straight away, the enquiries literally just picked up an instant result”

“I’m getting a lot more web-based enquiries and the leads are quality too. Dean has been really good to deal with and takes a personal interest in my business”

By what percentage would you say that sales have increase since starting with Gopher?

“it’s very hard to quantify, I get a lot of word of mouth coming in but um it would certainly be in the region of 30%”

“Customer Care Support was good- it’s ready and available whenever I need it and they are proactive too”

Queenstown Lockup Storage

“Gopher has now become my number one advertiser, so that goes without saying that it must be working for me”

“The web traffic is least 50% better than previously”

“In all honesty, (customer care support is ) a little bit too good”

Diverse Design Ltd

“The best thing about our Gopher Advertising Package is it’s starting to get more business for me“

“We’ve seen an increase with more traffic through the website, It’s increased 15% in sales, it’s made a bit of a difference“

“The Gopher Package seems to be pretty good on return, the other stuff I’ve tried in the past haven’t really got anything from, Gopher has been better than other stuff I’ve tried”