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Scales & Weighing Machines

5 5 Tironui Road, Takanini, Auckland, Auckland Region 2112
Website Telephone... (09) 2960372
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  • Scales & Weighing Machines

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About Us

WPScales helps you get the best quality water filtration and scales for the application you need.

Hi, my name is Robin Tamihere and I own and operate WPScales. We supply a wide range of water filters and scales (including platform scales, floor scales, crane scales, bench scales and mobile scales) and rigging.

We have been running other businesses in the Auckland region for the last 15 years, meaning you can get the reassurance that you are working with a business that is going to stay in the area and give you back up for your water filters, scales and rigging.

By importing a huge range of scales from China, Taiwan and Pakistan, you can be sure we have the scales you need. From digital scales to heavy weight scales, you are working with distributor of scales with a wide stock available.

You need to know that you are purchasing a quality product that you can rely on. The companies that your industrial scales, water filtration systems and lifting equipment are sourced from are reputable and trusted companies - all meeting ROHS qualifications.

Product list:

• Water Filters
• Platform Floor Scales
• Mobile Scales
• Crane Scales
• Bench Scales
• Rigging & Lifting Equipment

Whether you are looking for scales for labs, a retail shop or for a scrap metal yard, we have what you are looking for!

And you can order it all online -just hit the link to our website above now.

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Areas of Business: