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Graffiti Removal Specialist Ltd

Graffiti Removal

168 St Andrews Road, Plimmerton, Porirua, Wellington Region 5026
PO Box 50721, Porirua, Porirua 5240
Website Telephone... (04) 2331814 (04) 2331816 Mobile... (027) 4855440
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Areas of Business:
  • Graffiti Removal
  • Cleaners - Commercial
  • Cleaners - Domestic
  • Exterior Cleaning
  • Graffiti Guarding
  • Graffiti Scratch Removal
  • Building site cleaning
  • Exterior waterblasting
  • Painting, Coatings and Textures

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About Us

As a small yet highly effective locally owned and operated business Graffiti Removal Specialists provide the Porirua area and wider Wellington region with an immensely dependable service and solution to all unwanted graffiti imprints.

Their business deals solely within the graffiti removal sector offering a prompt and competent service that is ideal for all private, commercial, residential and public buildings or properties; that have been tarnished with unwanted graffiti stains.

Graffiti Removal Specialists competencies can be used for numerous varieties and types of graffiti from different surfaces through to unusual surfaces. With all their methods of removal being 100 % environmentally safe and eco-friendly.

Some of their key specialty services are as follows:

• Water Blasting & Chemical Use
• Painting & Sanding
• Scrapping
• Protective & Anti-Graffiti Coatings
• Various Other Techniques

Originally established in 1989 their impressive client base features such leading businesses as:

• New Zealand Post Properties
• Fulton Hogan
• Northpower
• City Care & Spotless Services
• Multiple Property Management Firms
• Plus many other well known cooperates

As is evident in the above list of clients their company’s services are more than well regarded for their long lasting durability and unparalleled removal of all graffiti. Plus their skilled team also provide a high standard of work and customer service that applies exceptional business communication and business management to all clients projects.

For lasting solutions to disheartening graffiti on your treasured exterior or interior building, your answer is simple. Contact Graffitti Removal Specialists today to see how their capabilities can solve your unwanted spray painted indentation.

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