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Auckland Alterations (Clothing)

Clothing Alterations & Repairs

223 Balmoral Road, Mt Eden, Auckland, Auckland Region 1024
Website Mobile... (022) 6180283, (022) 6180283
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  • Clothing Alterations & Repairs

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About Us

Clothing alterations for Men, Women & Children
*Refit waist
*Legs Tapered in for Jeans & Trousers
*Hem and sleeves- shorten or Lengthen
*Replacing Zippers
*Hem and Seam Repair (Hemming, including Euro Hemming)
*Buttons, Hooks and Eyes, or Snaps - Replace or *Re-attach
*Buttonholes - Made or Repaire
*Linings - Replace or Repaire
*Pockets - Replace or Repaired
*Shoulder Pads and Dress Shields - Add, Replace or Remove
*Beadwork - Replace or Repaired
*Elbow Patches - Add or Replace

Formal Dresses & Gowns Custom Fitting
*Wedding Gowns and Dresses
*Bridesmaid Dresses
*Mother of Bride or Groom, Dresses
*Ball Gowns
*Cocktail Dresses
*Homecoming Dresses
*First Communion Dresses
*Flower Girl Dresses
*Christening Dresses

Tailoring Alterations for Men--Hemming, Repairing and Altering Men(TM)s Clothing

Pattern Drafting & Dressmaking
Tired of seeing people in the same outfit as you? Make your own design and we will bring it alive, copy your favourite clothing or celebrities(TM) outfit from the magazine. You will be amazed what we can achieve from the pattern we drafted for you.
Own an one off unique design that you came up with.

We can make outfits using commercial patterns supplied by you and we will alter the pattern to fit your size. You can also use our pattern drafting service or we can copy your favourite existing garments, or even your own designs (pattern drafting fee is not included if you want us to put your design into a pattern).

Custom made curtains
Custom made curtains are a great way to transform your home.
Found a perfect curtain fabric to match your house but do not know how to sew? We can help! Give us a call today

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Areas of Business: